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By Bradley Cameron on 11/25/2009
The picture here explains a lot about me so I'll start here.  First off, marrying the woman right next to me is the best decision I have ever made in my life.  She is wonderful and amazing and I would spend all my time with her if I could.   I really wish we could enjoy our retirement now and work later that way if we died it wouldn't interrupt or ruin the "good years."

This picture was taken on a cruise with our best friends.  It was supposed to be a Mexican Riviera cruise but thanks to the swine flu we ended up in Santa Barbara and San Francisco but I shouldn't complain at a weeks worth of doing nothing but eating and relaxing.

You can also tell that I really like the color blue.  Forest green used to be my favorite but it doesn't look as good on me says my wife so I'll just stick to the blues. 

I've called many places home since my family moved 7 times in 7 years but Salt Lake City is where Tiana and I call home now.  We like it but we love to get out of the country.  Our favorite was Bayonne, France and we would love to go to London, England.

Enough about the personal and let's get to writing.  I have an unusual reading and writing background.  I never read books growing up except Agatha Christie murder mysteries and didn't really pick up anymore books until Robert Jordan's The wheel of Time series.  So go figure that the kind of book I would want to write is an Epic Fantasy.  I am not trying to climb the everest of a 14 book series but I am going big for a first series and making it at least a four book series.  I think I'll call it The Light of the Worlds.  You have to read my blog to know what it's about.