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Best Moment in Sports History

By Bradley Cameron on 9/16/2011
The best moment in sports history is certainly subjective, but here is what makes this one the best. After watching these, describe or share a video link of your favorite moment in sports history.


Division Championship Series

Game 5, winner take all

Extra Innings

Against the Yankees

Griffey is the Hero

The last reason would be reason enough. Watch and see.

To see the whole series highlights, watch below.

If I was to remove subjectivity out of the equation then the 2004 Red Sox vs Yankees ALCS would be the best moment in sports history. Reason's being.


Never Been Done, in Any Sport

Greatest Comeback of All Time

Against the Yankees

Red Sox the Hero

You may have noticed that all the best moments are against the Yankees. I guess you can't have a great moment without a great opponent.

Look at Me

By Bradley Cameron on 9/01/2011
Everyone is always wanting someone to look at. Why not look at me. I know this sounds vain but it is not. When I know that someone is going to be looking at me I step up my game, I act better and I present a better image. When I don't know that someone is looking I may act like a professional baseball player, a little crotch grabbing and spitting etc.

So instead of telling your friends not to pay attention to you, tell them to watch everything you do and try to emulate you. What do you think?