Bradley Cameron

The James' Project


By Bradley Cameron on 12/19/2009
I decided to begin editing while still writing the end of the book. My thinking is that it will remind me of all the forshadowing I did so everything written has a purpose and ties in instead of being useless information. Can you do both things at once without getting completely lost? Your suggestions or tips will be appreciated here..."honesty is usually the best policy" so step up and share :)

Why Write

By Bradley Cameron on 12/07/2009
I started writing to try to understand the struggles my wife was going through, who was alreday a writer, and of course fell in love with it...most of the time. While it has not always been easy, as many of you can attest, watching my creation develop first hand has been as awarding as watching a child grow up, or a dog, ah how am I supposed to know, I have neither. Ha ha.

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By Bradley Cameron on 12/01/2009