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Too Long (Pirates of the Carribean)

By Bradley Cameron on 3/16/2010
There is an abundance of Blog Posts out there that are way, way, way too long.  If you read my last one then you will know what I mean.  I did not even want to read it to proof it.  I'm sure I'm not the only person that does not have time to read incredibly long posts.  When you follow over 100 blogs you only have time to read a paragraph or two.  Someone mentioned that Twitter would be a great place for me to be if I really only wanted short blurbs.  To those people I say, "I need more information than 140 characters will give me, and I don't want it to disappear down my list because someone else has tweeted since then.  I want a place where I can go quickly and see their thoughts and then move on." 

I know we are writers, but instead of using that as an excuse of why we need to write long posts let us use that to mean that because of being writers we know how to say what we mean with the least amount of words as possible.  Anyone else with me for the movement to shorter blog posts telling you things in a much shorter framework?